Statistical Physics - Dr. W. Allison

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                                                           (3) Applications in Condensed Matter and Collective Phenomena - Lectures 8-16.
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Statistical Physics provides an introduction to thermal physics using the methods of statistical mechanics.  The lectures assume the knowledge of IA courses and the IB Physics course on Classical Thermodynamics.  The aim is to emphasise the important insights into the world that statistical methods offer, as well as giving quantitative illustrations.  I have divided the course into two, largish blocks: (1)  Statistical methods (nine lectures) in which the theoretical ideas and methods are set out, and, (2) Applications of the statistical approach, including condensed matter systems and collective phenomena (eight lectures).

Lecture notes and Examples sheets are available as Portable Document Files (PDF files).  Access is restricted to computers in cambridge ( domain). The format of the material is the same as that of the individual lecture handouts except that lecture overheads are complete and in colour.

Examples sheets:

Examples 1 (pdf)
Examples 2 (pdf)

Lecture material and suggestions for reading:

(1) Statistical Methods:

(2) Applications in Condensed Matter and Collective Phenomena:

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